Standards Criteria and Eligibility

Who May Apply?

Applications are open to those who produce handmade art and craft and who are legal residents of Canada.  Nova Scotia residents will be given priority for the available spaces but all applications must be completed and submitted by the posted deadline for consideration. Spaces not filled in the first intake of applications will then be offered to applicants from other provinces.

Food Vendors: food may only be sold at the 2021 Craft Show if packaged for take home consumption. For example, toffee, honey, jams and jellies, cheese straws, cup cakes, etc are all acceptable.

What are the criteria?

We limit the number of exhibitors per category and only accept handmade products. We review all complete applications and then make our choice based on several factors (see below).

The following criteria will apply to all items for sale at Dartmouth Handcrafters Guild (DHG) shows:

  • The quality of workmanship and consistency of your work.
  • If your items are made by hand, or if some of your designs are produced/manufactured elsewhere.
  • A piece must show competent methods of construction and must be skillfully finished.
  • The level of technique involved, and the design in terms of its function, will be considered in the evaluation of the overall quality of an item. Items must be capable of serving the purpose for which they were designed.
  • Objects must be well designed both technically and aesthetically.
  • The presentation should reflect your current product offerings and portray an aesthetically pleasing and well-designed presence.
  • In addition, your application must be completed which includes clear examples of your work (photos) and an adequately detailed description.
  • How your items are represented in your photos/on your website. (You must provide photos of your own work for review).
  • If we feel that your work is too similar to other artists we have participating.
  • The number and diversity of products you offer. We ask that you apply for no more than two categories per applicant.
  • Food items may not be displayed with other unrelated items.
  • All merchandise in the Show must be hand-crafted. Products must be handmade and offered in finished form. The sale of commercial kits, patterns, supplies and resale merchandise is not permitted. No bulk/factory-manufactured items allowed.
  • Direct sales businesses and other distributor type products and services are not permitted.
  • Commercially made objects may not be the major part of any work. Items that are primarily assembled commercial lettering on purchased items and items which are more than 60% commercial are not permitted. Articles that require simple assembly only of commercially available parts as opposed to skillful manipulation or application of materials will not be accepted.
  • Items that appear to be in violation of copyright may not be displayed without documentation showing permission from the copyright holder has been granted.
  • Ready-made parts or components are permitted only if they are subordinate to the total design and craftsmanship of the finished item.
  • Identification and labelling – makers name must be included with products including any legislated labelling instructions ie. product care and use, cautions, or ingredients.
  • The DHG reserves the right to accept or reject applications at its discretion to balance the style and content of the event for the benefit of all who attend.