Can I select my booth space?

Exhibitors may select which booth type you would like on your application form.

It is simply not possible or practical for exhibitors to select their booth location.  We must ensure that similar booths are not located too close to each other; that incompatible booths are not next to each other. We do our best to place booths near to another exhibitor if they have requested it. We spend a great deal of time planning the best layout possible, keeping all of these things in mind and working within the constraints of each exhibitor’s booth selection. Allowing exhibitors to select a booth location indiscriminately is not practical and would have a negative impact on the entire show. There are a number of things that need to be considered in show layout – we actually take into consideration things like how shoppers peruse the walkways, the psychology of shopper behavior, and more. For the 2021 show we also expect to be working within the constraints of COVID guidelines.