Does all the work I display have to be handmade?

It is absolutely imperative that the work you display be your own, handmade work. We do not allow buy-sell, kits, MLM, or mass-produced products of any kind in any of our shows.

Please read our Standards Criteria and Eligibility guidelines for details.

What does handmade mean?

Each object should have been “handmade”, “hand crafted” “hand-assembled”, or “hand-altered” by the artist or artisan him or herself.
While the fundamental materials may not always be built from scratch, the exhibitor/maker must have added his or her own twist to the product.  Items may not be mass produced either by hand or machine.  We recognize that artists and crafts people are imaginative and resourceful with varying skills, expertise and aesthetics.  There is room in our community for a broad range of creative expression and techniques.

We expect that supplies used in the crafting process are purchased, such as paint, canvas, fabric, thread, clay, etc.  For example, an artist is permitted to paint on canvas that was purchased from a store as it is the painting that is the artwork.  A photographer is permitted to print their photos. An artist may reproduce their original paintings. Some crafts incorporate both hand and machinery crafting. For example, a garment made with store-bought fabric and sewn on a sewing machine.  Woodworking is a very hands-on process, though it typically includes a variety of tools that make the final products possible.

If you doubt that your items fit the definition of handmade, feel free to reach out for clarification.