Question about social media promotions.

The DHG show Exhibitors may be promoted at any time throughout the year between shows on social media. Naturally promotion will be heightened leading up to a show. We make no guarantees of inclusion in this promotion. For best chance of inclusion please provide the photos and information we request from you by the deadlines specified.

We will use whatever images and information we have at hand. The posts we make promoting our exhibitors will be made at various days and times. Any exhibitors showcased will be in no particular order.

We may promote some exhibitors more times than others – this is part of the randomized listing, or because we have additional good quality images to use, and is not because of favoritism. Also, exhibitors who provide the information we request by the posted deadlines have a better chance of being featured in our promotions.


If we do not receive any photos or information by the deadline requested, or if we receive images that cannot be used because they are not large enough, sharp/clear enough or they do not adhere to our requirements, we may substitute our own photos of that exhibitor, or other photos the exhibitor has posted publicly on their own social media if available. If we do not have any of our own photos, and receive none from the exhibitor, we may have to exclude that exhibitor from the promotion rotation.

Please DO NOT ask when your image will be posted to social media. We spend hours scheduling the photos, please simply keep watching and waiting – if you have provided the information and photos needed (as explained above) your turn will come. We simply do not have time to check the schedule for everyone to tell you when your photo(s) will be published.