What if I don’t have a booth display picture?

A display picture is required. If you do not have one we suggest setting up a trial/test display wherever you have the room. This is especially important if it is your first show or the first booth of this size. You need to plan ahead how you intend to display your items. The way you visually display your items is an important part of the business of selling.

The display photo you submit should be consistent with the style and display ideas you may be planning to employ in your booth at the show, but it absolutely does not have to be exactly the same. Giving us a general idea of your display knowledge and your personal style is perfectly acceptable. However, keep in mind that how you display at the show must be the same level of professionalism we would expect having viewed the example photo. If any display is found to be unacceptable, an exhibitor may be subject to removal from the show.

The purpose of this is that we need to see how your setup will look in our show. How you display your items is just as important as the pieces you produce. When it comes to selling looks matter. It shows your professionalism and an understanding of how to display your items for optimal sales. We also need to know how your booth will look to be sure we do not place visually similar booths next to each other. Please reach out to us if you have questions about this. We are here to help!